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SkinPort has developed a hollow silicon microneedle array

SkinPort microneedle array is a painless alternative to hypodermic steel needles that are being used for injecting drugs. SkinPort microneedles operate in the upper layers of skin while not reaching blood vessels and nerves, which makes injections with Skinport painless. Skinport Microneedles have the potential to become a highly progressive device for both drug delivery and monitoring purposes as they penetrate the skin, allowing the delivery of drugs in the upper skin layers and the extraction of body fluids.

  • Injury safe
  • Infection safe
  • Perfect for self use
  • Painless

Our scientists have developed a unique architecture of the microneedle array, that has lower leakage rates during the injection. The intellectual property of Skinport is in its improved architecture and simplified production process that takes fewer steps to produce the array, than known competitors.
Production technology allows to adjust and customize the number and length of microneedles, as well as the shape of the array. Despite many years of research and different types of microneedles developed in the world, only hollow microneedles have reached the pharmaceutical market on the path of medical devices.

Key Features

key feature key feature

  • Unique Architecture of microneedle tip channel
  • Shortest silicone microneedles available on the market
  • Adjustable microneedle lenght, 300 microns in standard
  • 35G Tip Angle 34°

key feature

  • Compatible with all standard (LUER) syringe types
  • Unique and optimized production technology
  • Material Silicone Gauge
  • Customizable microneedle array



Needle Phobia


Interrupt prescripted treatment

17$B on hospitalization

US Healthcare

14.M Global Shortage

of Trained Staff

High Chance of error

During Injection

needle injections

are hazardous

Treatment accessed

Only in Medcentres

Extensive training

for self-treatment

Treatment not licenced

for self-use

Needlestick Injuries

Cause Risk of Infection

Over 20M Hapatitis B/C, HIV

annual infections

1.3M early deaths


SkinPort brings the solution to

Fear of needles
(up to 15% of words population)

Shortage of trained healthcare workers

Treatments accessibility

Needlestick injury related infections

Potential applications and Use cases

  • • Pre-filled solution for distant areas for distant areas

  • • Med-kit component when medical treatment is not availalable

  • • Vulnerable and Chronically ill patient daily treatment

  • • Aesthetic medicine without hematomas and without pain

  • • Large-scale vaccination simplified process

Development Timeline

Our Team

Maksim Jakovlev


Expert in project management and planning,strategist.

Andrejs Samsonovs


MEng in Automotive Engineering,UX/UI Expert,E-Commerce business developer.

Oksana Vilne


MSc in Environmental Engineering,Expert in business development,EU project management.

Konstantin Pevchikh


MBA,Corporate product developer for RU,KO,JP markets.3publications,1patent .

Oleg Pankratov


PhD,idea and technology author.15+ publications,3patents.

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